When asked:  What is your best wine?
Winemaker usually answers: The one which is sold and paid for…

Current offer

We are currently offering wine from the vintages 2014 , 2015, 2016 and 2017. The vintage sub-pages are describing the specifics of the particular vintages, including a brief description of the climatic conditions. They tell the story of the grapes on their journey from vineyard  into the bottle.  You will find there also information on basic parameters and composition of the vintage  grapes and wines analyzed in accredited laboratory.

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In line with our approach we almost do not intervene in the process of wine creation, in order to preserve the naturalness and complexity of the wine. We are adding only minimum or even none of sulfur dioxide to the wine, however, ensuring that at the time of bottling the free sulfide content is around  10 mg / l, what should be enough to protect the wine in the bottle. Therefore the total sulfide content in our wines is well below the EU/SK limit values: 200 mg/l for white wine and 150 mg/l for red vine or 150 mg/l for white bio-wine and 100 mg/l for red bio-wine.

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In the spirit of authenticity we refrain also from filtering and fining of the wine. The red wines are perfectly cleared during the usual 24 months of barrel aging. Rose and white wines, which mature for a shorter period of time usually clear spontaneously as well, however, lack the sparkling clarity of filtered wines and may contain a light deposit consisting of proteins and yeast residues, the so called “mother”.  This deposit has however high nutrition value, since it contains active vitamins, enzymes and probiotics.

Our wines have the potential for further maturation in the bottle, however, we recommend to keep them at a stable temperature of about 15 0C. Natural deposits may occur, consisting mainly of tartar, proteins and yeasts. Therefore, pour carefully! It is recommended to decant red wine prior to the use; aeration in the carafe will fully develop its flavor and bouquet.

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