We do not make the wine, just accompany it
(inspired by Archbishop Róbert Bezák

Accompanying the wine

Our paradigm is: don’t intervene, while doing it all right. Therefore we go low-intervention in the cellar; however, still using the science to work with the nature by creating favorable conditions while allowing sufficient time for all processes to evolve and terminate naturally, hence allowing the wine to make itself. Emphasis on prevention of problems and thorough cellar hygiene is a must. Our cellar is supporting us by its naturally favorable microclimate and stable low temperatures throughout the year.

    Cellar has a stable year-round temperature       Archive      Optimal microclimate is extremely important for barrel-aging

Wines full of live

Our goal is to produce authentic vin au naturel, faithfully reflecting the varietal characteristics of grapes, the unique terroir of Sucha, as well as the vintage specifics. We believe that the grapes grown by organic farming do naturally contain a balanced mixture of all substances necessary for the creation of full-bodied and harmonious wines full of live, of course free of  chemical residues. Therefore  we do not make use of the commercially available preparations such as enzymes, culture media, bacteria and tannins, nor do we chemically alter the natural composition of must or wine. Since the 2014 vintage are all our wines created exclusively by natural fermentation based on indigenous yeasts. In support of greater authenticity we are  refraining from filtering and fining, as well as minimizing sulfiting of our wines.

Fermentačné tanky Flasovanie 1 Flasovanie 2

Courage to experiment

Although we go low-intervention in the cellar, we do not lack the courage to experiment. Our experiments are based on thorough literature search and study, combined with intuition and courage to do things differently. Perhaps the fact of not being influenced by previous experience and practice is helping us as well.