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Vladimír Magula senior is in charge of the vineyards, which are our family treasure and the basis for our wines. He also fulfills the important role of family memory. So far he is still working in the field of weldability of steels and assessment of steel constructions, as well as teaching in this area. He gained the basic understanding of tending to the vines and making of wine in his youth, while working on the remains of grandfathers vineyards. He helped later on also his father, who founded in Suchá a tiny vineyard and produced wine for their own use…

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Katarína Magulová, née Kovácsová, is in charge of the cellar. Her main task is to accompany the grapes on their way from vineyard to the bottle and help them achieve their full potential, while paying attention that nothing bad happens along the way. So far she is still working in the field of environmental protection against hazardous chemicals in the United Nations in Geneva. She is an avid reader of specialized literature from which she draws basic knowledge, as well as ideas and inspiration for the work in the cellar.

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Vladimir Magula junior carries forward our vision, fulfilling the role of strategic manager, responsible for building a successful family business. Winemaker by heart, he follows also another profession, leading a real estate agency in Bratislava. He engages with growing interest, commitment and enthusiasm in creative work in the cellar, discovering our vision of wine. His job is also to sell the wine we produce, as well as to create the corporate look of our wine estate.

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Lucia Magulová, née Koleková, is in charge of the family business presentation. She performs also the important function of the arbitration sommelier. After working several years for a successful construction company, she decided to follow her inner voice and changed profession from civil engineer to photographic artist. She is the author of vast majority of photos published on this site. At present, she has a role of key importance as mother of our two promising young winemakers, Hugo and Maxim.

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Hugo Magula represents the youngest generation.The first sentence of the promising young winemaker was “our wine is bubbling in the cellar”. He engages with interest in activities in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. Hugo made his first  wine in 2016.

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Maxim Magula is our youngest promising winemaker. He is a natural, whether in the vineyard, cellar, or during events associated with the presentation of our wines.

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Lukáš Cittera, whom we consider to be an honorary member of our family, has the important responsibility for the year-round care for vineyards. So far he still has also other jobs, but we hope that sooner or later he will work full-time with us. He is developing his experiences with the care of the vineyards already for several years with us. He personally knows all vines in our vineyards. He willingly provides a helping hand also in the cellar, or wherever it is needed.